Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Week 5

Wow, now most of the students have written about smoking and started preparing a report on AMES. Some can open their blogs on their own!
Got an idea of a mystery blogger for our students (thanks to Webheads, Sus and Wendy!!!)
Mystery Guest
Teachers' Blog

To be continued....

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Week 4

We're nearly there! There are a few new students who still have to open their blogs.

Marina posted another task for students about smoking, but so far nobody has uploaded their post. Some students are finishing writing, but many are really struggling to compose a coherent text. It's been now 2 weeks of writing about smoking.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Week 3

More students added their addresses to the list.

Week 3 (Monday)

Collected all addresses of weblogs (11 so far) and created a simple page with links to all the blogs. One link is not working, there must be a mistake in the address. Marina is coming tomorrow, so students will get more writing to do. Some have posted more than 1 message (So Young).

Week 2 (31.01-04.02)

Marina is away all week. Students had to do 4 jobs (some managed to do a bit in week 1):
- open an e-mail account
- create a folder on the network for storing their files (a good exercise in listening to instructions)
- type their first story and have it corrected by a teacher (Patty was helping that week)
- open an account on Blogger and copy the story.

Some students were overwhelmed by the tasks, a few needed one to one help.

Week 1 (24.01-28.02)

On Monday 24th January, the first day of class, Marina and I 'sort of' managed to give all students their e-mail addresses (we're not sure everybody managed to send their first e-mail to Marina). Some students already had their Yahoo addresses, so they helped us with newbies. For some students it was their first time on computers. In the afternoon Marina and I had a meeting about the project. Apart from the weblogs, we're planning to create student folders on the network, so they can start their portfolios. We opened an account with Blogger for Teachers' blog. Students will go there to get information and instructions about the portfolio.